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Embed options overview

This guide explains how to embed your AppointmentThing Booking Page on your website, so that your appointment attendees can schedule appointments with you without ever having to leave your website.

Whether you want to make it easy for new leads to sign up for a demo or sales call as soon as they’re ready to take action or allow your customers, patients or clients to book an appointment with you without ever needing to call your office, embedding your AppointmentThing booking page on your website is  an amazing way to reduce friction, boost conversions, and streamline the booking process for everyone involved.

Embed types

There are three ways that you can easily embed your AppointmentThing Booking Page on your website:

  1. Inline Embed
    Loads your booking form directly inline with other content on your website.

  2. Popup Widget
    Adds a floating button to your site that launches your booking form as a popup.

  3. Popup Text
    Adds a text link to your website that launches your booking form as a popup.

To embed the Booking Page on your website

To embed your AppointmentThing Booking Page on your website, you first need to copy the code to embed the booking form. Start by navigating to your Appointment Types Page by following the steps below.

If you are already on the Appointment Types Page, skip steps 1-3 and go directly to the first green bullet point below.

  1. Log in to your account on 
  2. Click 'My appointments' at the top of the home page
  3. Click the 'Appointment Types' link in the menu on the left side of the page

  • To copy the code
  1. There are two ways you can begin the process:
    •  Click the 'Embed' icon (<>) on the tile of the appointment type you wish to embed.
    • Click on the drop-down arrow next to the blue '' booking page link and select 'Embed on website' from the options.

  2. Choose which embed type you wish to use.

  3. You can now customise the appearance of the embed by using the options on the left hand side.

    • Appointment Types: Choose to embed one or multiple appointment types. If you choose to embed multiple types of appointments, the attendee will first choose between these appointment types before selecting a time.
    • Button/Link Settings: (Popup Widget/Text only) Customise the link text that appears or the button text and appearance.
    • Page Settings: Choose the text colour and the button/link color that appears on the booking page and choose whether or not to hide the appointment details on the booking page.
  4. Use the copy button in the bottom right hand corner of the code box to copy this code to add to your page's HTML where you want the booking page to appear.

We've made it easy to embed your appointment page on sites like LeadpagesSquarespaceWixWordPressWeebly, and JimdoTake a look at our handy guides to see what steps you need to follow.