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Embedding in Leadpages

This is a guide to embedding your AppointmentThing booking calendar in a Leadpages® website.

(Note: you must have a Standard+ or higher account with Leadpages® in order to have acccess to this capability.)

Your first step is to copy the embed code from AppointmentThing - we've provided an easy guide here.
After you have the code copied to your clipboard, follow one of these guides for embedding in a page.

Embedding in a page

Log in to your Leadpages® account. From the next page, click "Edit Site" on the site you wish to add the embed to.

Choose the page that you want to edit, and you’ll be taken to the Leadpages® visual editor. On this page, hover over the area you wish to insert your AppointmentThing booking code, and click "Add a Section". A new section will be added, which you can see if you hover your mouse over that area.

Click the "Widgets" item in the sidebar, then click "SHOW MORE" and scroll down to the "HTML" widget.

Click and drag the "HTML" widget to the section you created earlier.

Click the middle of the new HTML section you added, and a popup will appear, prompting you to input HTML. Click it and paste in the code you copied from AppointmentThing. Next, click the "SAVE" button.

Click the "preview" button in the top navigation and you will be taken to a preview of your page and embed. If you need to make changes, click the "Exit Preview" button in the top navigation. Once you are satisfied, press the "Publish" button at the top.