Appointment scheduling

the back-and-forth emails

AppointmentThing helps your contacts and
customers easily schedule meetings with you

Meeting scheduling in 2020 👎

    Scheduling with AppointmentThing 👍

      Appointment Thing

      A better way to schedule your meetings

      You have enough things on your mind already. Don't add "appointment scheduling assistant" to your list of jobs.

      • Easy to set-up and easy to use

        Intuitive drag and drop interface to set your availability, automated reminders for you and your atendees, buffers before and after your meetings and more!

      • Take bookings wherever you go

        Embed your personalized booking form in your website, add a link in your email signature or on your social media accounts and let your customers, colleagues and friends schedule a time with you whenever they need.

      • Increase attendence

        Reduce no-shows and missed appointments with our customisable notification system that reminds you and your attendees. Stop other people from wasting your time. And show up to your meetings prepared and on top of your game.

      • Accept payments

        Want to accept payments for your services? It's easy to connect your Stripe or PayPal account to AppointmentThing so your clients can pay when they book an appointment with you.

      Woman in professional clothing

      "It's important for me to provide my customers with the best experience possible and AppointmentThing helps me achieve that. They love how simple it is to book an appointment with me and that makes all the difference."

      Woman in professional clothing
      Amy Denson
      Small business owner

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      How it works

      Set Availability

      Start by determining your own availability for meetings and, using a few simple rules, set up blocks of time in AppointmentThing.

      null How to set availability in AppointmentThing

      Share your link

      You can share the link to your AppointmentThing booking page directly with your customers, in your e-mail signature, embed your booking page into your website - or both!

      Image showing how to share AppointmentThing link

      Job done!

      Sit back and relax - your work here is done! Using the link, your contacts can book a meeting or appointment time during your availability slots.

      AppointmentThing booking page


      Features you'll love

      • calendar_today

        Calendar Integrations

        Connect your Google,, Office 365, or Apple calendar to ensure you're never double-booked

      • update

        Time Buffers

        The last thing you want to do is jump from one meeting to another with no time to rest or prepare. Schedule time buffers between meetings with AppointmentThing

      • update

        Minimum Scheduling Notice

        Prevent clients from scheduling a meeting with you at the very last minute so you’ll never be caught unaware

      • drag_indicator

        Easy Drag-&-Drop Scheduling

        Simple and efficient - spend less time scheduling and more time producing

      • list

        Multiple Meeting Types

        1-hour consultations, 30-minute sales calls, recurring appointments and more

      • language

        Adjusting time to other time zones

        Date and time is automatically adjusted to your invitee's time zone to ensure that everyone is in tune and on-time

      Man in a suit

      "AppointmentThing saves me countless hours every week scheduling meetings as well as minimising the number of people who are late or miss our meetings thanks to the amazing notifications. It's one tool I really couldn't do my job without."

      Man in a suit
      Declan Espinoza
      Project Manager

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