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Finding a time to connect with others should be easy. Learn how easy scheduling a meeting has become with AppointmentThing.


No more What time works for you?

Say goodbye to back-and-forth emails. With your own online appointment scheduling page,
your clients can easily view your real-time calendar availability and self-schedule appointments.


Set your availability

Tell AppointmentThing when you usually take calls and meetings, and our scheduling software will take care of the rest.

Set your availability for each appointment type based on what hours you work and then AppointmentThing will automatically generate available appointment slots based on your availability and a few simple rules.


Connect your calendars

Connect all of your various calendars so AppointmentThing can check when you’re available and avoid offering appointment slots during times when you already have something scheduled.

This also allows scheduled appointments to be added automatically to the calendar of your choice.


Share your booking page

At this point you’re all set and ready to share your unique booking page link with your clients!

From your personal online booking page they’ll be able to self-schedule appointments with you during times you’re available.

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Why AppointmentThing?

We built AppointmentThing to be the best online appointment scheduling
on the market, with beautiful design and powerful functionality.
AppointmentThing offers you and your clients a best-in-class appointment
scheduling solution, and we're working hard every day to make it even better.

End-user experience 😍

  • The booking page is clean and simple to navigate, allowing your users to quickly book appointments with you without the headache of numerous back-and-forth emails check
  • When a user schedules an appointment with you, it instantly gets added to everyone’s calendars with the meeting location included check
  • To reduce missed appointments, our appointment scheduling system also sends out automated reminders before upcoming appointments that contain the appointment details check

Try it out Demo page

Drag-&-Drop Availability

  • Easily set your availability for appointments with our scheduling tool's intuitive drag-and-drop editor check
  • AppointmentThing then automatically generates available appointment slots based on your availability and a few simple rules check
  • Connect your calendar to auto-add your scheduled appointments and avoid conflicts with other commitments you may already have scheduled (works perfectly with Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar and Outlook!) check

Location Field

  • We rebuilt our location field to make it easier for you to set the locations of your appointments - whether they’re over zoom, in-person or taken by phone check
  • Choose a single location or offer multiple location options that your attendees can choose between check
  • Our appointment booking software seamlessly integrates with your favorite video conferencing software for your virtual meetings. It takes 60 seconds or less to connect your Zoom, Google Meet or GoToMeeting account, and once you do, whenever someone books an appointment with you a unique video conferencing link will automatically be created and added to the meeting details check

Sharing 📣

  • Easily copy the unique link for any of your individual appointment types or for your entire booking page, then share it with your attendees via any channel you choose check
  • Offer online appointment scheduling to your users by embedding your booking page directly into your website. check
  • We also offer optional single-use booking links so you can allow people to schedule appointments with you on a case-by-case basis without giving them future access to your appointment booking page check

Payment integrations

  • Choose the amount and currency, and your clients will be prompted to pay right on the booking page before they're able to complete the appointment booking process check
  • Integrating a payment method is fast and secure, and makes life easier for you and for your clients check
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“I now have a "Schedule a meeting with me" link in my email signature. It connects with my calendar to check availability, my clients book their appointment, the appointment is added to my calendar, and we all get reminder emails. So easy.”

Axel Bishop, CTO

Features you'll love

  • Calendar integrations

    Works with your calendars to account for all your different schedules and ensure you're never double-booked

  • World-wide time zone compliant

    We do the calculations for you to ensure that all of your attendees are in tune

  • Connect your conference tools

    Connect your Zoom, GoToMeeting, or Google Meet to automatically create unique conference links for each scheduled appointment.

  • Multiple meeting types

    Consultations, discovery meetings, recurring appointments, and more - online scheduling has never been easier

  • Accept payments

    Booking software should allow you to collect payments. Our PayPal and Stripe integrations allow you to seamlessly conduct transactions with your clients

  • Notifications

    Never miss an appointment again with our automated appointment reminders


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