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Make it easy for your clients to book your photography services, and take the hassle out of following up with them. AppointmentThing helps you to spend time where it really matters.

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Appointment Thing

A better way to book clients

Whether it's a wedding or a family portrait, AppointmentThing takes the headache out of scheduling photoshoots.

  • Build your brand

    AppointmentThing gives you a unique and personalized link that's easy to read, recognizable and user friendly. Spread your link far and wide: give it to clients, add it to your email signature, and put it on your website.

  • Optimize your downtime and see your productivity go through the roof

    Create meeting availability during those low-energy times and then limit people's access to your schedule when you need to focus. Let your workload determine your availability.

  • Take the pain out of collecting payments

    Connect your Stripe or PayPal account directly to your AppointmentThing account to make collecting payments painless.

  • Scheduling that accounts for your travel time

    Use buffers to account for the time it takes to travel to your clients when showing your availability. Show up on time and ready to go.

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"My schedule is usually a mess during wedding season. Since switching to AppointmentThing, managing my bookings and clients has been a breeze!"

Blonde haired woman outside smiling
Claire Prewitt
Wedding Photographer

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  • No credit card required
  • Free 14-day Pro trial

How it works

Set Availability

Start by determining your own availability for meetings and, using a few simple rules, set up blocks of time in AppointmentThing.

null How to set availability in AppointmentThing

Share your link

You can share the link to your AppointmentThing booking page directly with your customers, in your e-mail signature, embed your booking page into your website - or both!

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Job done!

Sit back and relax - your work here is done! Using the link, your contacts can book a meeting or appointment time during your availability slots.

AppointmentThing booking page


Features you'll love

  • calendar_today

    Calendar Integrations

    AppointmentThing has integration capabilities for Apple, Google,, and Office 365 calendars to ensure you’re never double-booked.

  • update

    Time buffers

    The last thing you want to do is jump from one meeting to another with no time to rest or prepare. Schedule time buffers between meetings with AppointmentThing.

  • create

    Custom Design

    Being recognizable is a big thing for photographers. Personalize your themes and branding on AppointmentThing.

  • notifications


    Customize notifications for both yourself and your attendees to ensure nobody is caught off guard!

  • list

    Multiple Appoointment Types

    1-hour photo shoots, 30-minute portrait shoots, enterprise shoots and more

  • monetization_on

    Accept Payments

    Connect AppointmentThing to Stripe and PayPal to collect payments without having to switch between platforms.

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"The ability to accept payments for a photo shoot directly in AppointmentThing has taken the headache out of managing our studio's payment system. Such a no brainer!"

Man with glasses and curly hair in a hawaiian shirt
Jason Washburn
Portrait Photographer

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  • No credit card required
  • Free 14-day Pro trial
  • Super-easy setup