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Let AppointmentThing take care of your scheduling and simplify your payments so that you can get back to making your customers happy and getting your work done on time.

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Appointment Thing

A better way to schedule your next job

You have enough things on your plate already. Don't add "appointment scheduling assistant" to your list of jobs.

  • Make your calendar work for you

    Use different appointment types to block out the appropriate amount of time on your calendar for each job. No more estimating whether you'll have time to do something on the fly.

  • Limit your availability

    AppointmentThing lets you schedule specific jobs on different days so you only need to bring the tools you'll need to get those jobs done.

  • Scheduling that accounts for your travel time

    Use buffers to account for the time it takes to travel to your clients when showing your availability. Show up on time and ready to go.

  • Get paid upfront and on-time

    Its easy to integrate payments so that your clients pay when they book your services. No more chasing after clients endlessly after the job is done.

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"Using AppointmentThing to manage our scheduling has really helped us free up our time so we get more jobs done, and keep our customers happy."

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Bill Williams
Project Manager

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  • No credit card required
  • Free 14-day Pro trial

How it works

Set Availability

Start by determining your own availability during your work day and, using a few simple rules, set up blocks of time in AppointmentThing.

null How to set availability in AppointmentThing

Share your link

You can share the link to your AppointmentThing booking page directly with your customers, in your e-mail signature, embed your booking page into your website - or both! Using the link, your customers can book jobs or work consults during your availability slots.

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Job done!

Sit back and relax - your work here is done! Using the link, your contacts can book a meeting or appointment time during your availability slots.

AppointmentThing booking page


Features you'll love

  • group

    Scales with your team

    No matter how small or large your group becomes, AppointmentThing meets your needs

  • update

    Time buffers

    The last thing you want to do is jump from one job to another with no time to rest or prepare. Schedule time buffers between meetings with AppointmentThing.

  • update

    Minimum scheduling notices

    Prevent people from scheduling a job with you at the very last minute so you’ll never be caught unaware.

  • notifications


    Customize notifications for both yourself and your clients to ensure nobody is caught off guard!

  • public

    Easy Drag-&-Drop Scheduling

    Simple and efficient - spend less time scheduling and more time producing

  • monetization_on

    Accept Payments

    Connect your appointment scheduling software to Stripe and PayPal to collect payments without having to switch between platforms.

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"It's great that my clients can see my pricing upfront, and I love going to do a job knowing that I've already been paid. And if I have a big job that needs a custom quote, I can just turn the payments off for that."

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Michael Lewis

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  • No credit card required
  • Free 14-day Pro trial
  • Super-easy setup