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Save time, reduce your admin work and increase your productvity. AppointmentThing helps you to spend your time where it really matters - growing your business.

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Appointment Thing

A better way to schedule your meetings

You have enough things on your mind already. Don't add "appointment scheduling assistant" to your list of jobs.

  • Create a consistent weekly schedule in an unpredictable career

    Offer specific appointments to specific people at specific times during the week. Did we say specific enough times? Be consistent. Plan your schedule like you've never done before.

  • Optimize your downtime and see your productivity go through the roof

    Create meeting availability during those low-energy times and then limit people's access to your schedule when you need to focus. Let your workload determine your availability.

  • Be professional and prepared

    Reduce no-shows and missed appointments with our customisable notification system that reminds you and your attendees. Stop other people from wasting your time. And show up to your meetings prepared and on top of your game.

  • Focus on what's important

    Save time when communicating and scheduling meetings. Say goodbye to those endless back-and-forth-and-forth emails.

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"AppointmentThing is my go-to tool whenever someone needs my time. It allows me to control my schedule, and means I don't have to reply to multiple emails for one meeting. I'd highly recommend it for anybody with a busy schedule."

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Lucas Reiner
COO & Co-founder

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  • No credit card required
  • Free 14-day Pro trial

How it works

Set Availability

Start by determining your own availability for meetings and, using a few simple rules, set up blocks of time in AppointmentThing.

null How to set availability in AppointmentThing

Share your link

You can share the link to your AppointmentThing booking page directly with your customers, in your e-mail signature, embed your booking page into your website - or both!

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Job done!

Sit back and relax - your work here is done! Using the link, your contacts can book a meeting or appointment time during your availability slots.

AppointmentThing booking page


Features you'll love

  • calendar_today


    AppointmentThing has integration capabilities for Apple, Google,, and Office 365 calendars to ensure you’re never double-booked.

  • update

    Time buffers

    The last thing you want to do is jump from one meeting to another with no time to rest or prepare. Schedule time buffers between meetings with AppointmentThing.

  • create

    Custom Design

    Being recognizable is a big thing for start-ups. Personalize your themes and branding on AppointmentThing.

  • notifications


    Customize notifications for both yourself and your attendees to ensure nobody is caught off guard!

  • public

    Manage timezones

    Working with a client in a different region? No problem. AppointmentThing helps start-ups easily manage meetings across time zones.

  • monetization_on

    Accept Payments

    Connect your appointment scheduling software to Stripe and PayPal to collect payments without having to switch between platforms.

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"It takes the headache out of scheduling meetings with our clients, our partners and whoever else needs our time. AppointmentThing helps us stay lean and gives us more time to focus on scaling our business."

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Jerry Ulricson
CEO & Founder

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  • No credit card required
  • Free 14-day Pro trial
  • Super-easy setup