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Customizing notifications & reminders

This guide explains how to customize the notifications & reminders you and your attendees will receive before a specific type of appointment that's been booked with you takes place. The numbered steps below will help you navigate to the Notifications & Reminders Page of your desired appointment type.

If you're already on the Notifications & Reminders Page, ignore these steps and start at the blue bullet point below

  1. Log in to your account on 
  2. Click 'My appointments' at the top of the home page 
  3. Click the 'Appointment Types' link in the menu on the left side of the page to navigate to your Appointment Types Page
  4. From here, click on the white tile of the appointment type you want to customize attendee notifications and reminders for. This will take you to the Details Page for that appointment type
  5. Click the 'Notifications' Header to expand the Notifications & Reminders section of the Appointment Editing flow.

Customizing Notifications & Reminders

The Notifications & Reminders Page (see image below) is where you can customize the automated communication between AppointmentThing, you and your attendees for this appointment type. This communication includes automated confirmation emails and automated text and email reminders. 

  • Appointment confirmation email
    Check this box to have AppointmentThing automatically send you and your attendees an appointment confirmation email when your attendees book an appointment of this type with you. When you create a new appointment type this box is checked by default

  • Appointment reminders
    In this section, you can customize when and how AppointmentThing will send appointment reminders to you and your attendees before your appointment (of this type) begins
  • Sending text/SMS reminders: check this box and select a time from the drop-down menu to have AppointmentThing automatically send you and your attendees a text/SMS reminder about your upcoming appointment (of this type)
    Please note: sending text/SMS reminders to you and your attendees is only available with AppointmentThing Pro
  • Sending email reminders: you can have AppointmentThing automatically send you and your attendees up to two email reminders about your upcoming appointment (of this type). To do so, check the second and third white checkboxes boxes in the 'Appointment Reminders' section and select times from their corresponding drop-down menus to choose when AppointmentThing should send the reminders

  • Customize attendee confirmations & reminders (available soon)
    In this section, you'll be able to customize the content and appearance of the notifications you and your attendees are sent. This will include appointment confirmation emails, text/SMS appointment reminders and email appointment reminders

  • When your notifications & reminders are how you want them, click the blue 'Save' button at the bottom of the page, then click the 'Payments' link in the menu on the left side of the page. This will take you to the next step of the Appointment Editing Flow - the Payment Settings Page - where you can manage your attendee payment settings for this appointment type. Note that if you have not yet connected a payment type to AppointmentThing, you'll be prompted to do so before you can manage your payment settings.

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