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Automated appointment scheduling

software designed for you and everyone you know

AppointmentThing can connect with your calendars to automatically check when you are available and help you connect with your contacts, clients and customers.


Easily connect with: Apple, Google, Outlook.com, and Office 365

You control your schedule,
not the other way around 😇

  • Calendar Integrations

    Connect your Google, Outlook.com,
    Office 365, or Apple calendar to ensure you're never double-booked.

  • Buffers

    Reserve time for yourself before or after your meetings. Perfect if you need to travel between meetings or prepare for your next one

  • Minimum Scheduling Notice

    Prevent people from scheduling a meeting with you at the very last minute so you’ll never be caught unaware

  • Easy Drag-&-Drop Scheduling

    Simple and efficient - spend less time scheduling and more time producing

  • Daily Meeting Limits (coming soon)

    Protect your time and prevent burn-out from overscheduling

  • Multiple Appointment Types

    1-hour consultations, 30-minute sales calls, recurring appointments and more


Providing a flawless
user experience is easy 😌

  • Notifications

    Never miss an appointment again with our customizable notifications for you and your attendees

  • Adjusting time to other time zones

    Date and time is automatically adjusted to your invitee's time zone to ensure that everyone is in tune and on-time

  • Customize your design

    Stand out from the crowd with personalized themes and branding

  • Collect Payments

    Choose if and how to accept payments. It's easy to connect your Stripe and PayPal account.

  • Share and embed

    Share your scheduling links in emails and texts, embed booking forms on your website, add available times directly into emails and more

  • API (coming soon)

    With our API, you'll have even more control and can create custom integrations

star star star star star

“AppointmentThing saves me hours of back-and-forth scheduling emails every month. If a client asks what time works for me I just send them a link to my booking page and they book the appointment themselves. Make it easy, right?!”

Lauren Miller, Self-Employed

AppointmentThing for teams,
coming soon! 🥳

  • Team Pages

    Give your contacts a page where they can select from all available topics, event-types and team-members

  • New Meeting Types

    Group meetings, collective meetings, round robin scheduling and more

  • Admin + Permissions

    A full suite of administrative controls with permission settings and more

  • Team Member availability

    Make scheduling a snap with a birds-eye view of everyone’s meeting-load and availability


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